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JIM WHITE "Sounds Of The Americans"

Image of JIM WHITE "Sounds Of The Americans"


Featuring 16 wildly ecclectic songs from the score Dan Nettles (Kenosha Kid) and Jim wrote for a Julliard Drama School performance based on the works of Sam Shepherd.

In Sounds Of The Americans stories abound, rising and falling behind a roller coaster musical backdrop; a mad preacher speaks of interplanetary mission fields, a lovelorn teen confides her deepest fears to her diary, a proud son relays the tale of how he lovingly refurbished his dad's derelict car, a zombie choir chants a consumerist catechism, a redneck entrepreneur recounts how his "nose got shot off".

"It's sort of a post-modern musical spaghetti western." Jim White

1. Speeding Motorcycle
2. This Little Girl
3. Letter 1
4. Keep It Meaningful You All
5. Blink Of An Eye
6. Rambler
7. Kitty Litter
8. Suckerz Promises
9. Simulacrum
10. Esoteric Text Found In A Religious Garbage Can
11. Orphan Theme
12. Daisy Chains
13. Hunters Groove
14. But I Love You
15. Letter 2
16. Bluebird