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DEER TICK Limited Edition "Divine Providence" + Bonus "Tim EP"


This LIMITED EDITION version includes a bonus Tim EP. The EP features five unreleased songs from the Divine Providence sessions, including a recording of the very first time John McCauley played 'Main Street.'

“If Deer Tick’s first coule of albums got the Rhode Island band branded as an alt-country act, their latest is a drunk leaning into your face and yelling, ‘You don’t know me, man!’”
Rolling Stone

“It’s all served with such a knowing grin that you can’t help but love it”
★★★★ Uncut

1. The Bump
2. Funny Word
3. Let's All Go To The Bar
4. Clownin Around
5. Main Street
6. Chevy Express
7. Something To Brag About
8. Walkin Out The Door
9. Make Believe
10. Now It's Your Turn
11. Electric
12. Miss K. / Mr Cigarette

TIM EP Track listing:
1. Born At Zero
2. Walls
3. Virginia Gal
4. She's Not Spanish
5. Main Street (acoustic)